• Aaron Davis

New Project site

Hello everyone. The Davis Project website is back on the web. There has been a lot of adjustments made to it. One page that will be exciting is my "Selfie Shout Out Page". On this page, you can fuss, rant, scream...etc about depression and what it does to you 24/7. You can send your image via text or email. That page be activated soon.

There is a lot of info about depression that you may not know about. I will continue to update the site every week. Expect a video, from me, about events and future photo shoots. I will be contacting a lot of you about participating in the Project plus there will be information about new members.

I'm excited and honored that so many people are supporting this mission: To help bring awareness about depression and fighting the stigma. Join the Project.

I will talk to you soon.



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