Art is good therapy

 Andrea Landry, MS, CPRS, RPS, CCAR-T Bio Andrea is a Mental Health and Wellness Advocate, Innovator, Award-Winning National Speaker, National & State Trainer with NAMI, contributing speaker at NAMI Baltimore’s 35th Anniversary event, contributing spokesperson on the NAMI California’s African American In Our Own Voice video, NAMI Maryland Hall of Fame inductee, contributing spokesperson within the SAMHSA National First Responder Training Video, contributing speaker in the This Is My Brave Play, and best-selling author and publisher. Andrea lives with Bipolar Disorder, Anxiety and PTSD. She has a Master’s Degree in Psychology, is a Certified Peer Recovery Specialists, Peer Specialist Supervisor, CCAR trainer, and specializes in mental wellness education, alternative coping skill development, helping Peers communicate with family, friends and loved ones. Andrea has released mental wellness articles in several magazines, mental wellness workbooks, is featured in the Baltimore Sun, and the 2021 Winter issue of BP Magazine. Andrea releases her anxiety and depression mood swings within her acrylic paintings displaying her passion for self-expression and mood management. Her art demonstrates her attention to detail while allowing her inner strength to shine through despite the looming dark clouds of depression that attempt to kill her motivation.