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Interviews and photo shoots

I need your help to let others realize that depression is real and it affects everyone.


I ask individuals that HAS BEEN DIAGNOSED, KNOW SOMEONE OR HAS LOST SOMEONE WITH THIS ILLNESS to support the cause by being photographed and interviewed about depression.

During this INTERVIEW AND PHOTO SHOOT, you will be asked to express certain feelings like anger, sadness, love, joy, etc. I will try to photograph the way you are feeling. We will never ask you to do something that would make you feel uncomfortable, embarrassed or make you regret doing. We want you, the real you, to come to our photo shoots.

I photograph on Saturday only. Sundays will be used as a possible makeup day due to situations beyond our control.

Participants will be scheduled for a 4 hour shoot: You will have 4 hours to be here, dressed and prepared for a shoot. We will not into another models time.

There will be no makeup artist or hair stylist on site:  Hair and makeup will be your responsibility. If you bring a hair stylist or makeup artist, make sure that it doesn’t bite into your time for the shoot. We will not work into another models time.

Being on time is important. We will not work into another models time.

Bring 2 sets of clothing to change in. I ask for casual and glamour. Do not bring a suitcase of clothes. We will not work into another models time.

The photo shoots will be either indoor or outdoor. If I shoot at a park, it will be as close to your home as possible. You will be notified in advance where to meet.

You will be required to sign a model release form: This gives me your permission to use your image to promote the Project and the Series. If you bring a child, a child model release form will have to be filled out as well.