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The Davis Project is about depression awareness. It was created in 2016. With the help and support of my wife Sandra, we try to provide info about depression and the problems that we face through our testimonies and the comments of others.

We ask individuals that have suffered from the illness, know someone that is going through the illness, adding support to someone that is diagnosed or has lost someone to this illness to support the cause by being photographed and interviewed about depression.

Depression can be especially cruel because it doesn't affect just the depressed person, but everyone around them as well. Someone who is depressed can be very difficult and draining to deal with. What makes this illness so painful is that a depressed person's relationships can become strained--to the point where others actively avoid having anything to do with them.

This further contributes to a worsening of self-image and makes the person feel even more isolated, intensifying the illness.

Depression is an exceedingly wicked illness, preventing those it afflicts from finding treatment, and plunging them into ever-deeper isolation.

To understand just how shocking this illness is: No other disease, physical or mental, reinforces and feeds itself, as depression does.

 For our first Davis Project event, along with having speakers sharing their stories.  We also asked local artists to participate and create a painting or drawing describing depression. Below are some incredible samples.

by Pierre Antoine Goho
by Pierre Antoine Goho
by Pierre Antoine Goho
by Margaret Boles
by Sherrill Chase
by Mary Ann Lipovski
by Nancy Sims
by Delia Mychajluk
By Sandra Davis
by Delia Mychajluk
by Pierre Antoine Goho
by Sandra Davis